Thursday, January 3, 2019

Fundamentals of Computing - Test Your Knowledge of IT

I have started a project entitled Fundamentals of Computing where I collect information about IT in a more structured way. There is both a fundamental and an advanced level, and I will take you through the world of Information Technology so you can be more informed about what happens in your computer.

I did a presentation almost two decades ago at a Danish school - Kreaktivskolen - which no longer exists. When I had held that presentation, the instructor - Ole - said he had never learned as much as he did during that hour.

It was no surprise to me, because many years prior to that, I had a fantastic teacher at the Roskilde Business School which was a similar type of teacher. I will never forget when he asked students to read 82 pages the first day before the next hours a few days later. These students nearly fell off their chairs, but Holger was a darn good teacher.

I have a similar approach to this. You need some information, and that information must be understood. You had better read a lesson twice than jump over it, because every thing is like bricks in a wall. If you fail to set the stones in the right order, you simply won't get a decent wall. Good handiwork is achieved when you build both structure and system into your knowledge about IT.

I hope to see you over on Fundamentals of Computing. :-)

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