Tuesday, December 20, 2016

ZIP-Files - How to Handle Zip-Files

I thought everyone knew what a zip-file was. Sometimes I forget that many people are not anywhere nearly as experienced as I am, and many others also are if they have the same experience with computers. In the old days, you could even compress a zip-file from the command prompt under DOS.

Back then you packed the zip file using PKZIP, and unpacked the same type of files with PKUNZIP. That should be pretty logical to most people. Zipping and unzipping - just like when opening pants with zippers... :-)

When Windows became the order of the day, WinZip was born. This format became so common that many others are long ago forgotten, e.g. ARC, ARJ, RAR etc. :-)

Suddenly Microsoft also saw potential in the Zip-format, and today you can right click on a file, and choose Send to and then save in a zip compressed folder/file. When you receive a zip-file, it's just as easy to unpack the file.

For those who didn't know this, try playing with your operating system. There might be a number of other things you haven't discovered yet - and you won't know unless you begin a journey into the depths of your operating system.

Good luck, and have fun. :-)

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