Wednesday, June 29, 2016

One Spam Filter You Should Have

The one spam filter you should have is one you can create right away. Regardless of whether you read e-mails online through the so-called 'webmail' or you have a specific program such as Thunderbird, you can create one filter that will avoid quite a bit of spam.

We all know that we don't send e-mails to ourselves. And we certainly never add .zip-files to such mails. Spammers try to make you curious - and you should NEVER fall for it.

What you do is that you create a filter so that everything FROM containing your own e-mail address among unread messages are filtered straight to the wastebin. It's free, it's quick and it will cause mails from India, China and wherever they come from to land in the wastebin without any risk of you clicking on any of it by mistake.

It is the one filter one should have made from the beginning. Just as offers for a quick affair and all the other useless crap.

Have a nice day. :-)

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