Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Windows 8

What would Apple founder Steve Jobs have said today, if he were alive?

I think it's fair to say he would have commented the sudden urge of Microsoft to cater to both pc's, tablets and smartphones with the same operating system. Never before has Microsoft focused so widely on a multi-platform operating system as they have done today.

Don't misunderstand, please.

For users this is an excellent thing. But Microsoft will have to admit the idea isn't their own to begin with. They have been inspired by ease of use and mobility to get this bright idea.

I think it's good that Microsoft has finally abandoned the idea of different operating systems and different ways of using an operating system - and we can only hope the Android people can learn from this. Openness in a system isn't necessarily the best thing when others begin "tampering" the system with unofficial releases through various channels.

It's much like the age-old question: would you want to jailbreak your iPhone? Some do, and others don't. You destroy your warranty by jailbreaking, as everyone knows. Still, many chose to do so, and start weeping afterwards.

Similarly, your mobile phone may be completely destroyed - and will have to be restored using a computer when you want to 'play' around in areas where you shouldn't be peeking. Still, many feel an urge to 'test everything' before everyone else gets something.

Hope you had a good X-mas, and Happy New Year to everyone. :-)

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