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Which Is Better - Windows 7 Or Mac Snow Leopard?

Which Is Better - Windows 7 Or Mac Snow Leopard?
By Henrik V Blunck

Windows or MacOS X is the question that many have asked through the years. Some are very adamant about their choices, but in this article I will be brutally honest, and tell you the single key to success with whichever of these operating systems you choose.

The advantages of each operating system:
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • MacOS X Snow Leopard
  • Linux

Microsoft Windows 7
For those with long traditions in using computers the world of Windows is a big journey ever since the MS-DOS command line operating system. Back then you had 640 kilobytes of "normal" memory - and then an area between 640K and 1 megabyte called Expanded memory etc. All those things are fantastic when you are a real techie that enjoys computers, technology etc.

The world of Windows has undergone a greater devekopment, many feel since the days of Windows XP to the Windows 7 we know today - and Microsoft deserves a lot of praise for actively listening to users. Their operating system is today very efficient in handling memory, and far better on a laptop than Windows Vista ever was. Increasing your battery life by at least 30% are impressive numbers.

Apple MacOS X Snow Leopard
It is a fact that people who have never used a computer before, then the simplicity of Mac will be highly attractive. There is no discussion about C or D-drives. There is no boot up screen with lots of confusing information coming up - which could cause confusion. When you turn up a Mac computer you see an apple as the logo from the Apple Inc. company - and then you get your desktop.

For a newbie everything is very intuitive. That has been one reason why some computer users insist upon buying a Mac when they need a new computer.

Linux is the outsider with a growing audience - and deserve to be mentioned in this article because they were part of the avalanche that caused Microsoft to start listening. When a growing number of people began looking for more than was presented by Microsoft on average desktops, it became clear for everyone that surviving consisting in dumping the backwards compatibility that caused Windows to show blue screens when things went bad.

Users who had machines that gave problems were happy to find that they could suddenly use the same hardware and run programs that were previously out of reach. Rather than updating your hardware you could now run office suites on your machine without any problems, for free.

In Conclusion
When you hear techies sit in a room, you will often hear technical explanations in this regard. Some are as fanatic about their choice of operating system as religious people are about the doctrines of their specific church affiliation. It has been a question of religion for many.

Using a computer is about productivity, getting things done - and getting the operating system that fits you. Try different machines among those your friends have. If you love the design of an Apple Mac the choice is either MacOS X or Yellow Dog Linux. Most will want to use the MacOS X operating systems that comes with your system for free.

If you prefer a PC the choice is between Microsoft 7 or a whole host of Linux distributions. The price of the Windows operating system has decreased considerably, and today it is no longer necessary to look for a Linux distribution to be productive.

When you look at operating systems today, they are all identical. Graphical user interfaces, the use of a mouse and everything working well. So in that respect the users are the big winners because developers have listened to customer feedback.

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