Friday, April 15, 2016

Don't Download Beta Drivers

I came across a very bad article on running beta drivers. In the article the person recommended a beta of a graphics driver to enhance a specific game. I would NEVER do that if you want to use your pc for both gaming and serious stuff. Here's the reason why.

If you have a separate machine for games, go right ahead. Anything you try can't really wreck anything important.

But if you use your computer for more serious stuff, you can end up in a real jam. Never impossible to solve - you know me! But nevertheless annoying, as you might have to delete the unit from your control panel, and let Windows find your 'original' driver again, but all your settings will disappear, and for most of us, there is quite a bit of finetuning involved in getting BOTH the best performance and best battery power from a portable computer.

Running all of this all over again just because you had to play with a beta would be silly so say it as it is. Some will claim Alfa is useless, whereas Betas are close to a release, but - at least for me - this seems rather foolish.

Once the company has received feedback from testers, they can deliver a much better product, and why lose important time just because you want to test something useless? And you should remember that if we are talking about stationary desktop computers, graphics cards have never been as cheap as today, so why not consider EXCHANGING your graphics card for a better chip, more memory and better performance, when that could in fact augment your overall computing benefits? That would be a much wiser road to take in my honest opinion...

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