Saturday, January 16, 2016

Read What's On Your Screen

90% of errors happen when people don't read what's on their screen. It's quite simple actually - yet somewhat worrying for quite a few of us nerds to see the effect of people clicking Next, Next, Next, Done.

If they had read what was next to boxes with little v or x in them... :-)

One of my very good friends introduced me to "Cyrils rule number 1 - right click."

It has been one of the most effective rules ever learned, and this guy actually did something amazing. He held a seminar where he taught students how to use Excel spreadsheets. The funny thing was he had never used Excel before at all. After the seminar was over some of his students said they had never learned as much ever before...

The mastery of simple tricks is AMAZING!

So please bear in mind to remember to read what is on your screen BEFORE you click NEXT. You should never accept task bar changes if they aren't absolutely needed. Don't go for strange-sounding new search engines when you already have either Google or Bing in your regular toolbox.

Whenever you see a screen alerting you to system errors, but that you can download a program that will fix everything, then remember that it's only an advertisment on that website. It's NOT a system error.

Have fun out there - and remember to read what's on your screen. :-)

Happy weekend everyone.

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