Sunday, November 8, 2015

Putting an End to Scam Attempts

I'm quite sure many of you are tired of fake Facebook profiles and e-mail scam attempts. I have decided to send all such scam attempts to abuse departments. By doing so, you can disable some accounts being used for these scam attempts by making it far more difficult to continue this type of behavior.

I copy the entire header, and send it to e-mail service providers, and thereby their e-mail accounts are shut down before these people can be succesful in their attempts at stealing information used in identity theft attempts.

Amazing that some fall for these scam mails. Language is poor, and the very idea that someone wants to share 20,000,000$ should get all flares active. How can anyone be so stupid, or even just so gullible?

Whether you start doing the same is up to you, but I do recommend that we all start being more alert. When a 'friend' wants your friendship on Facebook based upon only one or two images and nothing in their timelines, then you should also just delete their 'friendship request'...

It is ONLY by being alert that you can secure your identity online, so stay alert wherever you are.

Happy sunday everyone. :-)

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