Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mozilla Thimble

Today I want to share something that is both fun and effective if you are working in the field of creating websites. Mozilla Thimble. It is a free tool that offers help in generating both HTML and CSS code.

You are probably very much fed up with codes such as #000000 and #223486 and numerous other things you need to look up everytime you need it. That is all gone with Mozilla Thimble. Now you can generate code in a user-friendly manner, and that makes life a whole lot easier when you want to generate code that validates.

So I would recommend you check out Mozilla Thimble. This might just be the tool you were looking for. For me finding quality programs has always been a hassle because a lot of it really isn't worth the time you spend getting it. But as you may have noticed, both Firefox - for web browsing - and Thunderbird - for mail checking - are tools I already use, so any product coming from Mozilla does grab my immediate attention.

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