Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Has Your FireFox Browser Been Crashing Lately?

Has your FireFox browser been crashing lately? If you were anything like me, you probably suspected it was a java-error or maybe some webdesigner that created a crappy Flash presentation.

It was none of that.

You could also have suspected you were having memory problems. Or maybe needed to do a defragmentation of your hard drive.

That would not have solved it either.

Are you meaning to tell me it was the FireFox browser itself that needed an update?

Yes. Bingo. :-)

PC World has written an article they shared on Twitter entitled "Mozilla Patches 9 Firefox Bugs, Adds Plug-in Crash Protection".

I am so happy they decided to share this on Twitter because it really helped me. So if you're on Twitter [who isn't? ;-)] you might want to follow PCWorld by clicking right here:

If you want to follow my tweets, you may also follow me from my profle: That can supplement the RSS-feed of this blog. :-)

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